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     GOOD NEWS                                    The Family Good News-Letter
29th Year                                         September 2, 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

Since the Labor Day Holiday is upon us, I thought it might be appropriate to take a closer look at what we do to earn a living and what spiritual significance that activity might have. People usually divide occupations into two categories, religious and secular. When we think religious, the usual stereotypes come to mind . . . pastors, missionaries, gospel singer and evangelists. It might be beneficial for us to look at this subject from a different perspective. The reign of King David in Israel would be a good starting point.

     David wore two hats. He was both the spiritual as well as the so-called secular leader. This kind of arrangement is called a theocracy. I would like to share a short commentary with you from Thomas Nelson Publishers’ Daily Devotional Bible.  It treats the subject in a much better manner than I ever could. In addition, this approach helps me avoid the temptation to plagiarize. (SMILE)
     David was the king over a theocracy. He organized his people for religious duties as well as for what might be termed “secular” duties. In the theocracy, however, there was no distinction. Any assigned service was in essence a sacred duty, whether one was a soldier or priest. Duty toward the kingdom was duty toward God Who was over the kingdom. Such a thought should dominate the thoughts of the Christian. All of life is sacred. The believer is always on duty. Even in one’s chosen occupation, one is to be a dutiful Christian in the performance of his work. Working at a secular job to make a livelihood merely serves as a means by which one performs his overall duty toward God. The believer is never off duty in his moral obligation.
     Just in case some of you might exclaim “That Old Testament stuff doesn’t apply to me”, let’s talk a little New Testament!!!! Col. 3:23 tells us “Whatever may be your task, work at it heartily (from the soul), as (something done) for the Lord and not for men.” And if that doesn’t convince you, try on Col. 1:13 which informs us that “We have been translated from the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of God’s own Son.”  Therefore, we Christians are not unlike the Hebrews who were subject to King David, we too live in a theocracy. However, there is a significant difference between the two monarchs. Our King is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Savior of the World, the One True God, Jesus Christ.
                                                                     Have a Blessing and be a Blessing,