About Gene McGuire



My name is Gene McGuire and I was raised in Detroit, Michigan. In 1959 I served two years in the US Army. After paying my obligation to our Country, I resumed my career as an elementary school teacher. In the middle 60’s, I left the educational field and joined a Life Insurance Company. After a very slow, almost fatal start, I was able to turn my career around and earned a management position in Washington DC. After 8 years of phenomenal growth, the production in my agency reached a plateau which resulted in my falling into a state of depression. Around that same time, not already known to me, my best friend in Detroit had become a Christian. One fateful day he called me long distance and led me to the Lord. I was at the lowest of ebb of my life and the Holy Spirit prompted Kenneth Walker to make that momentous call. In 1988 my older brother passed away and no one knew whether he had become a Christian before his death. I was then prompted to begin a Newsletter to my family members in Detroit to make sure that all 34 of them would be aware of the Good News. I now mail about 200 Newsletters to family and friends sending an additional 250 over the Internet. Almost 5 years ago the Lord put it on my heart to send out a daily message called “Thought for Today”. 5 months ago, at the age of 71, I started taking piano lessons. Two of my future goals are to write a book about my life and learn Spanish.





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